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What You Need to Know About Tuberculosis in Cattle (Vistacomm)

| April 17

3/7/2017 Bovine tuberculosis is a chronic and slowly progressive disease of cattle that emerges periodically in the US, as it has with a recent discovery in a Harding County, South Dakota, cattle herd. Its incubation time ranges from months to years. Most often, infected cattle will show little to no outward signs of infection. When […]

UFC News

Rising CO2 Due to Climate Change May Not Improve Agriculture (Vistacomm)

| March 10

3/8/2017 Although many people have argued that rising carbon dioxide levels would benefit crop production, a recent model of the effects of increased CO2 shows that it’s not that simple and that elevated levels could have a much less positive effect on plant photosynthesis than previously predicted. Purdue University researchers tested the effects of increased […]

UFC News

Advance Trading Producer marketing strategy

| March 2

Crop Insurance Important but Only Part of Overall Risk Management Strategy Summary: Crop insurance has proven to be a valuable tool as part of a comprehensive risk management strategy. An updated review of various policy coverage levels and yield scenarios for 2017, however, highlights the limitations of relying solely on crop insurance to manage price […]

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