Precision Ag

Manage Data, Harvest Information—and Higher Yield Potential

Precision ag solutions from United Farmers Cooperative’s (UFC) help maximize productivity throughout your farming operation. Our services include:

  • Grid and zone sampling
  • Variable-rate application of nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus
  • Seed placement and variable-rate planting prescriptions
  • Winfield R7 Tool®
  • Ag Leader® Technology products and support
  • Climate Basic™ and Climate Pro™ nitrogen/crop health advisors
  • Plant nutrition
  • Crop protection
  • Much more


SmartYield™ Programs


(after obtaining current soil sample and boundary data less than 2 years old at 4.4 acre grids or less)

  • Electronic reports generated for soil sample analysis results by field
  • Custom equations and recommendations for crop nutrients for P, K and Lime created in Premier Crop are specifically tailored by field for growers to achieve desired maintenance or build level
  • Removal rates by crop will be determined by CSR yield potential
  • Nutrient product cost summary sheet provided
  • Once in Premier Crop, storage of each soil sample report to use as reference to check progress
  • Flexibility to increase or decrease total product/cost to meet growers budget per field


  • Includes Nutricalc with incorporation of historical yield data to create management zones for field level decisions
  • Planting prescriptions derived from previous yield, soil information and hybrid data
  • Cost per bushel analysis per product/operation per field in 60’x60’ increments
  • Total farm and field analysis of yields, hybrids, input investments, management decisions and evaluations of ROI to help maximize total operation and field performance
  • Access to aggregate data pool with other growers enrolled in this level of service if desired


  • Proactive approach to ensure all row crop touching equipment and technology is field ready
  • Equipment inspections on row crop equipment, ex. combines, planters and sprayers. Tractors not included
  • Evaluations
  • Development planning
  • Software updates for displays, and receivers
  • Calibrations
  • On farm personnel training
  • If utilizing higher accuracy correction signals, subscriptions will be included per unit
  • Assistance and coordination of related brackets/harnessing necessary for boundary creation
  • Controller updates and seed meter calibrations available for a service fee

When you’re ready to tap in to the power of precision ag technology, we’re ready to help you build a foundation for maximum yield potential. For more information, contact your local UFC Agronomist.

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