The Future of Diesel

Here at United Farmers Cooperative we strive to do the best we can for our farmers. One way we do this is by using and promoting the use of Biodiesel. In 2015, with the construction and opening of the 24-hour fuel pumps in front of our location in Mt Ayr, we installed two blend pumps, which made Biodiesel available to that area. At the fuel pumps in Mt Ayr, not only is Biodiesel blends of B5/#2, B11, B20, B30, and B99 available, but there is also Ethanol blends available as well.

Biodiesel has reduced our dependence on foreign oil and created thousands of jobs on our home soil, which makes it such a key product for Americans to use and support. Not only is it beneficial for your fuel mileage and cheaper to fuel with, but Biodiesel is made using the products that our Iowa farmers produce. Actually, Iowa is the leading producer of Biodiesel!

This fuel is mainly made up of resources including soybean oil and recycled cooking oil. Improvements in the specifications and attention to fuel quality over the last 10 years have virtually eliminated the issues some may have seen in the past with B20, even in the winter.

Biodiesel can be used in various diesel engines, see the table below to see how much you can utilize this game changing product!

To learn more about how far Biodiesel can take you and your operation, check out the following links!

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