Grain Department Overview

Going With the Grain

It’s one thing to grow a crop; it’s another to manage marketing risk in an uncertain environment. Count on the grain specialists at United Farmers
Cooperative to help you with:

  • Grain purchasing and marketing
  • Grain drying and storage
  • Grain shipping on the rail

We also offer a variety of grain contracts, including:

Basis contract:

  • Basis is set now, with the futures price and final price to be set at a later date.
  • You can deliver grain against a basis contract and set the futures price later.
  • Use this contract when basis is “firm” or “narrow,” but you think futures prices will go up in the future.

Hedge-to-arrive contract: (HTA)

  • Futures are set now, with basis and final cash price set later.
  • Basis must be set prior to delivery.
  • Use this contract when futures look good, but you want to wait to set basis. It’s mostly used when you want to sell grain out forward, usually six to 12 months or so.
  • There is a fee attached to this contract. Please call your nearest UFC location for details.

Price-later contract:

  • Grain is delivered now but can be priced at a later date.
  • Title to grain is transferred to UFC at time of delivery.
  • Customers typically use this contract at harvest time or when they want to move grain off the farm but don’t like the current cash price.
  • A fee is typically associated with this contract. See our grain policies information (link to Grain Policies page) or contact our grain staff at your nearest UFC location for details.

Minimum-price contract:

  • After you sell grain, we buy a call option to protect the upside in the market.
  • The risk is more limited than price-later contract or basis contract, because the grain is sold.
  • Use this contract when you want to move grain, but you want to still have some upside potential.
  • There is a small fee with this contract. Contact our grain staff at your nearest UFC location for details.

We can also offer a variety of contracts through our risk-management partner, Advance Trading. A popular choice has been the deferred floor plan, which allows you to lock in a minimum price but also have unlimited upside.

Let’s talk

We look forward to helping you manage your price risk in this volatile market. Contact your nearest UFC location.

Afton: 641-347-8428                                  

Red Oak: 712-623-5453

Anita/Wiota: 712-762-3217        

Villisca: 712-826-2232

Creston: 641-782-7202

Mt Ayr: 641-464-3821

Stanton: Seasonal – 712-829-2117

Osceola: 641-342-2139

Macksburg: 641-768-2436

Diagonal: 641-734-5303

Arispe: Seasonal

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