Precision Ag


Precision ag solutions from United Farmers Cooperative’s (UFC) help maximize productivity throughout your farming operation. When you’re ready to tap in to the power of precision ag technology, we’re ready to help you build a foundation for maximum yield potential. For more information, contact your local UFC Agronomist.


Our Services

  • Grid and zone sampling
  • Variable-rate application of nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus
  • Seed placement and variable-rate planting prescriptions
  • Winfield R7 Tool®
  • Ag Leader® Technology products and support
  • Climate Basic™ and Climate Pro™ nitrogen/crop health advisors
  • Plant nutrition
  • Crop protection
  • Much more


Our SMARTYIELD Programs include Zone Management, Variable Rate Fertilizer, Planting Prescriptions, Nutricalc soil sampling, Plus Yield/Pop, Complete Analysis of historical yield data to create management zones and Equipment Support to proactively ensure all equipment technology is field ready.


  • SMS Advanced and R7 to generate MZs for use with VR fertilizer and planting applications
  • Generated from single year yield history or image layers
  • Generic reporting of documented task reports and maps
  • Supply RX but setup of equipment (GPS and implements) not included


 (after obtaining current soil sample and boundary data less than 2 years old at 4.4 acre grids or less)

  • Electronic reports generated for soil sample analysis results by field
  • Custom equations and recommendations for crop nutrients for P, K and Lime created in Premier Crop are specifically tailored by field for growers to achieve desired maintenance or build level
  • Removal rates by crop will be determined by CSR yield potential
  • Nutrient product cost summary sheet provided
  • Once in Premier Crop, storage of each soil sample report to use as reference to check progress
  • Flexibility to increase or decrease total product/cost to meet growers budget per field


  • Includes Nutricalc with incorporation of historical yield data to create management zones for field level decisions
  • Planting prescriptions derived from previous yield, soil information and hybrid data
  • Cost per bushel analysis per product/operation per field in 60’x60’ increments
  • Total farm and field analysis of yields, hybrids, input investments, management decisions and evaluations of ROI to help maximize total operation and field performance
  • Access to aggregate data pool with other growers enrolled in this level of service if desired


  • Includes NutriCalc and incorporates historical yield data to create management zones for field level decisions
  • Planting prescriptions derived from previous yield, soil information and hybrid data
  • Includes a Top 10 Basic Report Correlating soil sample test data and yield imported from as-applied data by field
  • Also includes a Basic Plus Pop report using VR planting recommendation and yield imported from as-applied data to evaluate zone and populations by field
  • Learning Block incorporation for the “what if’s” of applications by field evaluated spatially


  • Proactive approach to ensure all GPS equipment is field ready and equipment is running optimally
  • Manage grower data to have current information in cab as well as reporting after field operations
  • Development planning/evaluations and on farm personnel training
  • Startups and phone support

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