Benefits of WinPak® Soybeans

Sep 22, 2021

In the geography of southern Iowa and northern Missouri, fields are vastly variable. Fields often have many different soil types that can affect plant growth. The environment is also variable, as weather can affect disease and insect pressure. To help you manage variability and risk, Croplan offers WinPak soybeans. WinPak soybeans are a combination of two complementary varieties in one bag designed to be planted on variable acres.

Having two different varieties in one bag can mitigate the risk from variable weather and soil. The two varieties will have aligned strengths and weaknesses, meaning, where one variety is weak the other variety will be strong. For example, one variety may have defensive characteristics where it will outperform on the average to below average yield environments. The other variety will have offensive characteristics best suited for highly productive areas. Together, these varieties can work together to increase yield potential on tough acres while maintaining yield on high producing areas. 
AnswerPlot data found that planting WinPak soybeans yielded around 1.5-2 bu/ac better than standard varieties. Croplan offers WinPak soybeans in XtendFlex and Enlist E3 trait options. Utilize WinPak soybeans from your local United Farmers Cooperative to help manage your risk and field variability.

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