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4 Tips for Determining Optimal Planting Conditions

Apr 04,2022

Following these 4 tips will ensure you are confident that the soil conditions are ready to lay seed in. 

Benefits of Variable Rate Planting

Mar 24,2022

With the 2022 planting season right around the corner, it is time to visit with your agronomist about variable rate planting prescriptions. 

Key Findings From UFC's 2021 On-Farm Research

Dec 14,2021

With over 170 acres of on-farm research, UFC has the data and knowledge to help you make more informed decisions on your operation. 

Protect Your Nitrogen Investment

Oct 27,2021

With the cost of NH3 this season, it is more important than ever to protect your nitrogen investment.

Fall Soil Sampling

Oct 18,2021

Fall soil sampling is a great tool to determine nutrient status and soil characteristics. Using this data, UFC can create a specific nutrient program for your fields. 

Unlock Your Phosphorus Fertilizer Potential

Oct 11,2021

It is estimated that crops can only access 25% of your phosphorus that is applied each season. Learn how to unlock your phosphorus potential by using Avail T5® fertilizer enhancer.

The Unique Advantage of NK® Soybeans

Oct 01,2021

NK soybeans have a unique characteristic that allows their soybeans to outperform when a new trait is introduced to the market.

Benefits of WinPak® Soybeans

Sep 22,2021

WinPak soybeans from Croplan® are a blend of two complementary varieties that offers stability across variable acres. 

The Benefits of Prepaying Fertilizer: A 5-Year Reflection

Aug 09,2021

Though not a guarantee, history shows us that pre-paying your fertilizer in the fall will likely save you valuable dollars.

UFC Launches Grower Mobile App

Jul 13,2021

Grower app features in season field data, access to grower accounts and instant grain bids.

Fungicide Payment Options Now Available

Jul 06,2021

Protect your profit now, pay later.

Be On The Lookout for Japanese Beetle Emergence

Jul 06,2021

Understanding the enemy is the first defense for protection.