Make Your Life Easier: Avoid Cold Weather Diesel Problems

Jan 14, 2021

Now that the cold temperatures have set in, your equipment might be reminding you that you need winterized diesel fuel. If No. 2 diesel cools during colder, overnight temperatures, it may reach “cloud point,” when wax crystals develop in the fuel. The fuel will look cloudy, and crystals can plug the fuel filter, resulting in poor starts, engine hesitation, stalling and even engine damage. Any of these problems could result in fuel filter replacement and wasted time and money.

Fueling up at United Farmers Cooperative avoids these issues and keeps you running through the winter. We seasonally blend our diesel at UFC, based on the time of the year and the weather forecast. Our diesel blends also include premium fuels like Cenex® Ruby Fieldmaster® and Cenex Roadmaster XL®. Enjoy greater peace of mind knowing your fuel isn’t going to gel up.

Rely on United Farmers Cooperative for reliability, quality service, and to get the most from your operational budget. 

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By: Tianna Fisher, Certified Energy Specialist
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