The Unique Advantage of NK® Soybeans

Oct 01, 2021

NK soybeans have a unique characteristic that allows them to bring new soybean varieties to market rapidly. This is done through their conventional breeding program. When a new herbicide trait is offered, NK can quickly breed new varieties containing the new trait while continuing to increase yield and agronomic performance. This is a major advantage NK has because generally, traditional breeding programs take a significant more amount of time which slows the progression of increasing performance in new varieties.
What would typically take six to seven years, NK can develop and make commercially available new soybean varieties in as little as 3 years.1 When a new soybean trait comes out, NK can insert that trait into their top conventional germplasms and quickly develop high performing varieties. This is done through controlled green houses where researchers can produce seven generations of seed in one year and are constantly progressing the performance of the varieties.1 To introduce a new trait in a traditional breeding program, the existing trait must be backcrossed out before the new trait can be introduced into the best lines. This takes a significant amount of time and loses breeding gains.
UFC is excited to partner with NK to provide high performing XtendFlex and Enlist E3 soybean varieties. Utilize NK genetics from your local United Farmers Cooperative for strong agronomic performing soybeans. 

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