UFC Launches Grower Mobile App

Jul 13, 2021

The UFC grower mobile app is a portal that allows grower access to agronomy, grain, and account information. Having access to this information on a mobile device can provide quick insights at your fingertips.

UFC Grower App Features:
Dashboard: The dashboard contains the latest news and insights to share relevant information about the current cropping season. Using these insights can help with in-season management decisions on your farm.

Insight Tools: Within the app, you will gain access to summary reports from Winfield United’s R7 Tool. Bulleted are 3 different R7 features that are available in the app.
  • In-season imagery: these are satellite images that measures the amount of plant biomass in a field. These images can show variability across a field, which makes it a great scouting tool for identifying problem areas.
  • Field Monitoring Tool: this tool displays daily performances of each field by showing which fields are trending up or down. Performances are based on biomass accumulation, along with comparing current field conditions with historical records. This tool is great for observing multiple fields of the same crop for a quick summary to prioritize field tasks. 
  • Field Forecasting Tool: this tool is a crop model that helps growers manage their nutrient and water applications. The model uses field specific data to determine optimal rates and timing for in-season applications of water or nutrients. This tool helps growers achieve the best ROI.
Another insight tool within the app are Nutrisolutions reports. These reports show tissue sample results and are a great tool for making in-season decisions to mitigate nutrient deficiencies.

Grain: displays cash bids by location and futures prices. 

Account Information: view balances, contracts, invoices, and transactions.

Using the key insights that the UFC Grower Mobile App provides can allow for quick in-season management decisions. Contact your local UFC Agronomist about using the Grower Mobile App.


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