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UFC Expands Service in Essex, Iowa

Jul 14, 2021

United Farmers Cooperative (UFC) has purchased the Grain Operations from Green Plains Renewal Energy, in Essex. The operation became part of United Farmers Cooperative on July 7th. The facility has 2.9 million bushels of storage capacity, with several receiving sites. This location is also served by the BNSF railroad.
With UFC having an NH3 site next to the elevator, and locations at Shenandoah and Red Oak, we believe this addition creates several efficiencies.
We would like to welcome new employees, Brandon Krebs, Dustin Lundgren, Colby Kinney, and Colton Smith. We are excited for them to join our team.
Most of all, we are excited to expand our services to the customers of this elevator and look forward to serving them.
If you have any questions, please call 712-623-5453.

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