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Unlock Your Phosphorus Fertilizer Potential

Oct 11, 2021

Phosphorus, a macronutrient essential for plant growth, is an important agronomic input to grow corn and soybeans. Unlike nitrogen, phosphorus does not have leaching potential and will stay where it is applied. However, once applied to soil, phosphorus can go through a complex cycle and become unavailable for plant uptake. This can affect the plant’s performance and risk its full yield potential.  
Since phosphorus is immobile in the soil, it will not easily leach out of the root zone. This makes it economical to spread phosphorus fertilizer in the fall since there is generally more time and soil conditions are better compared to the spring. Although phosphorus fertilizer has the benefits of fall application, phosphorus is easily tied up in the soil from positively charged ions such as calcium, aluminum, and iron. This reaction makes phosphorus unavailable for crop uptake. It is estimated that only 25% of your phosphorus applied in a year ends up being accessible to your crops that same season, making it highly inefficient.1 Purpling of corn leaves and stunted growth are a few symptoms of phosphorus deficiency that can impact yield.  
To unlock your phosphorus potential, utilize a phosphorus fertilizer enhancer like Avail T5®. Avail T5 reacts with positively charged ions that tie up phosphorus, making your fertilizer more available for plant uptake. Avail T5 can increase availability of phosphorus by 45%, resulting in more efficient uptake.1 This will ensure your crops will have adequate access to phosphorus throughout the growing season for strong vigor. To help determine if your soil will have a high return on investment from using Avail T5, growers can use the ROI ratings based on soil pH and soil test phosphorus. Talk to your UFC agronomist to determine your soils ROI potential.
Utilize Avail T5 to unlock your phosphorus potential from your local United Farmers Cooperative.



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