Feed Accountant


Afton, Iowa

Job Requirements:

  • Demonstrate strong customer service skills.
  • Strong basic understanding of agricultural business.
  • Strong work ethic with the ability/ experience in balancing the agricultural working time needs and personal life.
  • Proven self-starter with the ability to learn cooperative guidelines and vision for growth.
  • Ability to work with software programs that interface with others for proper documentation.
  • Willing to continue to learn and ability to adapt to ever-changing agricultural technology.

Essential Functions:

Responsibilities involve performing accounting and customer service functions of the feed department, learning and utilizing software programs used by the company, customer service, upholding the cooperative’s credit policy, inventory control, following locational safety and maintenance schedules, and other duties as assigned by the department accounting managers.

The feed accountant will communicate on an ongoing basis with the department accounting managers and will maintain a positive attitude that promotes teamwork within the cooperative and a favorable image of the cooperative and actively work to increase personal skills and knowledge.

Uphold cooperative policies
  • Ensure that office facilities and office equipment meet all federal, state, and OSHA regulations
  • Make credit terms known to all employees and customers, do not charge to COD customers, do not extend credit to customers who have not been approved by the credit manager, do not authorize customer charges that exceed set credit limits and keep all personal accounts current.
  • Assist feed customers with billing questions and resolve in a timely manner.
  • Communicate any complaints promptly to the feed department accounting managers.
  • Make arrangements ahead of time for coverage of duties in case of a planned absence, such as vacation, or an unplanned absence, such as illness
Primary Duties
  • Assist with daily feed close out procedures.
  • Ensure documentation is accurate and recorded in a timely manner with the proper date and time entry.
  • Perform daily feed order entry, billing and payables.
  • Ensure all transactions have been completed and verified prior to month end batch closing.
  • Ensure proper record retention and filing for all documents for feed compliance, record keeping and financial audits.

Other Duties

The feed accountant will perform any other duties as assigned by the department accounting managers and uphold all cooperative policies and visions.
Position Offers:
  • Growing cooperative with excellent facilities and updated equipment.
  • Competitive compensation with an excellent benefits package.
  • Excellent retirement benefits package with pension plan.
  • Training available to enhance personal knowledge and job-related skills.

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