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Fungicide Payment Options Now Available

Jul 06, 2021

Looking For More Bushels This Season?

Don't let fungal diseases put a dent in your yield potential. Fungal diseases like northern corn leaf blight, gray leaf spot, and southern rust quickly chip away corn yield potential if plants are left unprotected. Safequard your seed investment with a fungicide application, to get the most bushels per acre. 

MasterLock® adjuvant can be applied with a fungicide at various timings for improved control.  When MasterLock is added to the fungicide tank,  corn yields increased by an average of 5.7 bu/A.1
  • MasterLock contains a surfactant that improves droplet sticking and spreading on leaf surface.
  • Adding MasterLock can help improve canopy penetration and decrease disease severity. 
  • MasterLock contains the drift technology of InterLock® adjuvant.

Do You Know Your Response To Fungicide Advantage?

Hybrids tested in the WinField United Answer Plot® system are given a response to fungicide (RTF) score, which corresponds to the hybrid’s potential yield gain when a fungicide is applied.  An average response of 11.2 bu/A gained with the addition of fungicide.2
The data adds up. This is the season to push yield potential with a fungicide application.  Please contact your local UFC Agronomist for more information about a fungicide application. 

Protect Your Profit Now, Pay Later

Healthy crops and higher yields are a result of proper protection. Now, you can protect your profit and pay later with United Farmers Cooperative's deferred fungicide payment option. 
What is Eligible
  • All BASF®, Bayer®, and Syngenta® crop protection products (Adjuvants, Fungicides, Micronutrients, Foliar Fertilizer, Insecticides, etc.)
  • All UFC custom application services
When to Pay:
  • Billing will be deferred to November, payment will be due in December
  • Can be combined with an existing  SECURE™ grower financing program
Talk with your UFC Agronomist about your plan and payment options, today. 

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